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Spring cleaning

We were all impatiently waiting for him. Its colors, sounds and smells make our days nicer for all of us, and we needed its energy like salt after a long winter - our beloved spring is here! And spring cleaning is an inherent part of spring , which for some is an annual ritual they look forward to, while for others it's a stressful duty. We decided to approach this period and instead of drastic cleanings and diets , focus on what our body and awakening nature tell us .

Spring cleaning is a natural part of nature's cycle and can apply to practically anything where you feel you need to clean and recharge your energy. Whether it's detoxing the body, mind or cleaning your environment and relationships .

It is also completely up to you whether you start with it during March or only in the months of April and May, when nature is really waking up outside our windows.

Don't forget, spring cleaning has no rules and your body always knows best what it needs at that moment .

How to spring cleanse the body intuitively?

Loss of energy, lack of appetite for life, illness or just a sweet motivation to do something right for your body - all these can be reasons for detoxifying the body. Advertisements and marketing ploys, however, unconsciously persuade us that fasting and dieting are the best solution. But if your goal is to recharge your body with spring, sun-drenched energy, such demanding techniques are probably not the best choice. The rule applies here too - there is beauty in simplicity.

Previously, people drew energy only from nature, which was available and natural to them. Spring cleansing peels should therefore be primarily intuitive .

Even small steps, such as cutting out fatty foods, artificially sweetened products or focusing on a raw, plant-based or even vegan diet rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals can be very beneficial for your body. Just a small change in the menu, step by step. Do not forget that the spring cleansing of the organism should not be stressful for both the body and our mind. That is why we would recommend smaller changes , as we know from experience that thanks to them, a person feels more comfortable and more confident and has a greater tendency to stick with these positive changes.

You can also focus on the right drinking regime .

Let's also take care of our mental health

The topic of mental cleansing is becoming more and more open in our modern society , especially due to the negative effects of the environment in which we live and work. A combination of factors such as work, financial security, family, relationships, self-development or health can often negatively affect our mental and physical health. That's why listening to your body and the art of relaxing is so essential and necessary today .

Close your eyes, inhale, exhale . Try to stop for a moment, listen to the silence and to yourself. You might be surprised how much your mind and body know. If it is difficult for you to calm down in your often hectic environment , the 4-7-8 breathing, meditation technique can help you, which, thanks to its simplicity, is really for almost everyone.

4-7-8 breathing technique

This relaxation is based on the ancient yogic technique of pranayama, which helps people gain control over their breath.

You ask how about her?

1. Find a place where you can sit or lie comfortably.
2. Start inhaling quietly through your nose, while counting to 4 in your head.
3. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
4. Then exhale for 8 seconds.
5. With a new breath, repeat this breathing cycle.

For some, it is enough to repeat the cycle 4 times, for someone to find well-being, more time is needed. Try what's right for you.

Cleaning the environment

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and everything breathes peace and cleanliness on you? The space in which we live is an aspect that is easily neglected. Very quickly we get used to where we work and sleep and after a while we forget to perceive how we actually feel in that place. And at the same time, what can help us feel better than the environment in which we find ourselves?

We have a few tips for you to clean your home, without moving and big, demanding spring cleaning.

1. Smokers - Smokers are a very old and ancient method that is used to purify the soul, body, mind, space and protect against negative influences in all corners of the world. This is nothing esoteric, but an ancient cleansing technique. Try her out!
2. Plants and flowers - Whether you prefer hand-picked meadow flowers or a potted plant, nothing refreshes a space like natural greenery.
3. Aromatherapy natural candles - Natural, pleasant-smelling candles are one of the most used tools for quickly setting the atmosphere and scenting a room. Just light it up.

Little things matter

As we already mentioned at the beginning, spring cleaning should be a time of joy and therefore we should focus on what puts us in the desired mood. A cup of good tea, a healthy recipe full of herbs, vegetables and fruits and drinking clean water are the grounding elements that each of us needs after a long winter.
For example, try one of our healthy recipes on our blog or our Herbs & Blossoms herbal tea , mixed with carefully selected herbs such as mint and lemon balm, which refreshes and induces a feeling of calm and well-being.

Have you tried including young green barley in your diet in the spring? In our article " Elixir of health in the form of a green barley drink " you will learn more about its benefits.

In conclusion, we would like to ask - what is a spring detox for you and how do you approach it ? Write to us on our Facebook or Instagram, it will make us very happy.

With love,
Eliška for the GoodWays team

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