Přírodní filtr na vodu

Natural water filter

Drinking clean water is the basis of a healthy life . In Central Europe, we are lucky to have a regular supply of drinking water straight from the tap. However, its harmlessness is currently not a matter of course. It can contain elements that do not belong to it and thus not only worsen its taste, but above all affect human health. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly ways to filter tap water and improve its taste.

We have an effective solution for natural water filtration

We were therefore looking for an easy and effective solution to clean our drinking water in an ecological way . We tried several options and the best experience we had was with activated carbon , which is not only 100% natural , but also easy to transport and use. It absorbs impurities from the water like a sponge, so we can feel good about drinking clean water even outside the home. Plus, it's so easy. Simply pour water over it, let it work for a while and that's it!

We decided that we would like to share our experience with you, and thus GoodFilter was created - a stick of activated carbon for water , which you can take with you everywhere. We are excited to share it with you!

What is a GoodFilter natural water filter?

GoodFilter is a special activated charcoal , also known as Kishu Binchotan , handcrafted in the Wakayama region of Japan, where it has been used for its cleansing and health benefits for centuries. It is probably one of the most environmentally friendly water filters for drinking water purification in the world. It binds unwanted chemicals and impurities, balances the pH of the water, supplies it with minerals and also improves its taste.

The GoodFilter natural water filter is a purely natural product that is processed sustainably. With normal use, its lifespan is 3-5 months. You can then crush it and bury it in the garden, where it will return to the cycle of life and become an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

We believe that drinking clean water is absolutely essential for the healthy functioning of our body . We are happy to be able to offer you a natural, ecological "filter to go", which will provide only the best care for the water that you fill from the tap to your GoodGlass glass bottle anywhere!

"A wise man is like water. Water benefits everything and does not compete with anything. She is the softest and weakest being in the world, but in overcoming the hard and strong, she is invincible and has no equal in the world. "
Lao Tzu

With love,
Terka, Johan & GoodWays team

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