Co nám přinesl rok 2020?

What did 2020 bring us?

Another new year is here and with it a great opportunity to recap the unexpected events of the past year 2020 and what it meant for us, for GoodWays. At the beginning of the year, when I wrote a similar article and looked back at 2019, none of us had any idea what social upheavals the coming year could bring. How did we deal with it and what do we have planned for the coming year?

The year 2020 was full of unexpected events, changes and challenges that were not easy for any of us. We are glad that we could spend time at home in quarantine with something that gives us meaning and in which we believe.

How did we survive the first wave of quarantine?

We did not waste the first spring quarantine period and used the fresh energy of the new year to create a whole new company concept, which includes, for example , changing the name from GoodGlass to GoodWays , launching a new version of our e-shop and preparing new reusable and sustainable products.

However, we have to admit that the crisis period, just like many other smaller companies, had a significant impact on us as well. We have noticed a significant drop in orders , both from customers and from business partners. In the first wave, no one knew yet how the whole situation would develop, and therefore, understandably, people were primarily concerned with satisfying basic needs and helping others. We ourselves tried to help where needed and supported, for example, the Brno organization ADRA, which deals with psychological and material support for pensioners.

However, from the beginning of May, people began to realize the impact of the crisis on smaller companies and thus began to support us with their orders, for which we are still very grateful.

New name and concept of the company

The biggest change we went through was changing the name from GoodGlass to GoodWays . In the beginning, we founded the GoodGlass company with one single product. However, we are gradually introducing new products and our new name now describes us much better. With our products, we try to offer the good ways or ways to a sustainable way of life .

News of 2020

As I mentioned above, we are constantly working to expand our range of products that are reusable and sustainable, replacing a number of non-ecological disposable products. In April, we finally managed to complete our long-term project - protective felt packaging for GoodGlass , which we are incredibly happy about. Not only are they very practical, they fulfill both a protective and additional thermal insulation function, but they are sewn in the Czech Republic in a sustainable way by our friendly company Vigvam design from Pilsen.

In the summer, we created another meaningful collaboration with the company Bylinca , which started producing teas and spice mixes for us exactly according to our taste. Cold brew summer edition and Herbs & Blossoms was so popular with you that we decided on both the autumn ( Breathe & Immune ) and winter editions ( Fruit delight , a mixture of spices for Christmas punch). However, the biggest hit was the spice mix for Golden Milk . We look forward to seeing what we come up with next year!

In the second half of the year, we presented our new design line of products intended for packaging-free shopping and catering made in the Czech Republic. The GoodBag shopping bag is adapted for packaging-free shopping with its smart internal pocket system, the GoodSnack cotton-linen snack bag in various colors is very popular with you! We have completed the whole set with the new GoodWays bamboo cutlery , which we are going to improve a little more in the new year. Are you curious? :)

To make matters worse, just before Christmas we introduced our completely new section on Dental Hygiene . The main representative - the GoodBrush bamboo brush - is for us the best version of a bamboo brush that we have had the honor to meet. It is made of the highest quality materials and, above all, does not rub in the mouth, like many of its bamboo alternatives. We are excited about him!

And what awaits us in 2021?

Not every season is easy. We learn from our mistakes and work every day to constantly improve and meet our goals. We are curious to see what new challenges and lessons the new year 2021 will bring us!

Even in the new year, we plan to continuously expand the range of GoodWays products. We have a lot of interesting ideas in our heads, which swarm faster than we have time to realize them. We are looking forward to the fact that in the new year we will be able to finish many of the projects that have started. Let us be surprised!

"If you find a path in life without obstacles, it certainly leads nowhere."

Arthur Clarke

With love
Tereza, Johan & GoodWays team
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