Udržitelný holicí strojek pro dokonalé zero waste holení

A sustainable shaver for a perfect zero waste shave

Let's go back to classic plastic-free shaving , say NO to disposable razors once and for all, and take the next step towards sustainability with GoodRazor.

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of the GoodRazor classic shaver and how to achieve the best classic shaving experience. Here we go!

Why use a classic shaver?

For the best shaving experience! Are you tired of facing ingrown hairs and irritated skin ? Multi-blade razors cut your hair below the surface of the skin, causing ingrown hairs and skin burns. A classic metal razor with a single blade ensures a cleaner, easier and safer ecological shave that does not irritate the skin and does not produce any unnecessary waste. In other words, your skin and the planet will love you !

What is GoodRazor and why is it a great choice for classic shaving?

GoodRazor is a sustainable shaver with a stand made of natural bamboo and quality zinc alloy. It is a stylish addition to every bathroom or cosmetic bag. Zero waste shaving with GoodRazore is gentle on the skin , safe and suitable for all parts of the body . Try GoodRazor for yourself!

What are the advantages of the GoodRazor razor?

GoodRazor is a classic metal razor for wet shaving - the process your grandfather used too - in a new sleek and fresh modern design.

- Elegant and practical design - in two versions, so that everyone can choose according to their preferences and style
- Safe and pleasant to use - the bamboo handle is so pleasant to hold, it doesn't slip and doesn't get cold, and thanks to the special safety shape of the head, you won't cut yourself easily
- Sustainable and Eco-friendly – ​​gentle on the skin and the environment
- Economical solution – you no longer have to spend every month on disposable razors, just simply replace the metal blades and that's it! GoodRazor saves not only the environment, but also your wallet and time.

Do you want to learn how to efficiently and easily insert a razor into your GoodRazor ecological shaver , how to use it and how to properly care for it? Read our GoodRazor manual , where you will learn, among other things, how to extend the life of the razor many times over and how to properly recycle it after it has served its purpose.

Which one is right for you?

You can choose the GoodRazor shaver in two designs, we created the elegant Rose Gold for ladies and the robust Dark for men. But the choice is yours!

Rose Gold - Elegant and light razor both to look and to touch. It is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The ladies of the GoodWays team just fell in love with its modern pink color!

Dark - Dark and robust, just like good coffee. It will give you a perfect zero waste shave and thanks to its ergonomic handle, it fits perfectly in your hand.

What to use for a perfect zero waste shave?

Do you want the classic shaving process to be a real experience for you? Complete your GoodRazor reusable shaver with a shaving brush and treat yourself to quality care. The elegant GoodWays shaving brush in a timeless design is a stylish addition to every bathroom or cosmetic bag. It is intended for foaming soap and spreading it over the face during wet shaving. The handle is made of walnut wood and the metal part is made of high-quality brass. The bristles are cruelty free, made of the finest nylon fibers.

For a smooth shave, try our Calendula soap or Lemon balm soap . Thanks to the soft foam, the razor will easily glide over the skin , while your skin will be cared for with a natural soothing formula. For men, we recommend Soap with activated carbon , which is intended directly for the face.

Secrets TIP: You can also use our Solid Hair Conditioner for shaving, which after lathering creates a fine creamy layer that is completely sufficient to protect your skin during a classic shave . Does it sound strange? Try it and see. :)

You can find out more tips and tricks on how to prevent irritated skin and properly care for it after a classic shave in our GoodRazor manual.

Our philosophy is to offer the best sustainable and reusable products on the market. With proper care, your GoodRazor bamboo razor can last for decades and you can minimize your ecological footprint.

With love,
Tereza, Johan & GoodWays team

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