Jak vybrat svou osobní zero waste lahev?

How to choose your personal zero waste bottle?

Don't you have your own personal zero waste bottle that you can carry with you everywhere ? A bottle in which you can prepare your favorite drink at any time of the day and thus save our planet from unnecessary disposable packaging ? We are all different and have different needs and wants. In the following text, you can read the advantages of individual bottles and find out which one is right for you!

Which bottle is right for you?

Before you decide to get your personal travel drinking bottle , it's a good idea to think about what requirements you want it to meet. After all, you will carry it everywhere with you and you want it to suit your needs as much as possible!
The first question to ask yourself is about the material. Do you prefer clear glass , which is the cleanest way for both us and our planet? Or do you prefer stainless steel , which is lighter and keeps drinks warm for a longer time? If you chose glass, the GoodGlass glass bottle has three different sizes to meet the different needs and requirements of each of us:

Would you like a universal bottle for everyday use in which you can create any of your favorite drinks, hot or cold?

GoodGlass Thermo 450ml is a clear choice for you! Thanks to the double wall of borosilicate glass, it has universal use. Can be used for both cold and hot drinks and infusions. It does not burn and keeps the drink at a pleasant drinkable temperature for at least two hours. In addition, you can use it to warm your hands on the way to work or school in the winter. Being transparent allows you to be creative and easily create beautiful and tasty infusions!

Are you constantly on the move and do you care about easy portability and compatibility? Do you often take so-called "coffee to go" in cafes?

Choose the smaller 350ml GoodGlass Thermo . It has all the advantages of its bigger sister, but at the same time it is compact and easy to transport . In addition, you can refill it anywhere! For us and our friends from the cafe world, it has proven itself great for our "to go" coffee , from filtered coffee to cappuccino.

Or maybe these?

Is a larger volume and proper adherence to the drinking regime important to you?

The GoodGlass Simple glass bottle is great for those who want to follow a healthy drinking regime throughout the day. Its advantage is its lightness and larger volume , which many of you will definitely appreciate! Thanks to the fact that it is made of one layer of glass , it is intended primarily for water and various cold herbal and fruit infusions and juices, which will certainly motivate you to drink with their beauty!

Are you an active person who really cares about the weight of your gear? Do you want your drink to stay hot or cold for a longer time ?

The GoodWood bamboo bottle is an ultralight original thermos , and is therefore suitable for all adventurers and athletes. In addition, it perfectly keeps your drink at the desired temperature throughout the day, whether you are going on a trip to the countryside, to the city, or you want to have your warm drink always at hand! In addition, you don't have to worry about it breaking somewhere during more demanding handling!

Do you dream of a light and durable bottle with a large volume that you can take with you on all your adventures?

The GoodFlask Thermo Stainless Steel Bottle is a high-quality stainless steel drinking bottle with an anti-scratch finish. The solid, vacuum-insulated wall ensures that you can always enjoy your drink ice cold even on the hottest days or, on the contrary, warm yourself up with it during the freezing winter. It will keep the temperature for up to 24 hours ! That's why it works great as a personal travel thermos . You can choose from three different colors and two sizes - a pleasant 750ml or even 1000ml for big thirsty people!

Clear summary

Large volume for water? → GoodGlass Simple, GoodFlask
Light weight? → GoodGlass Simple, GoodWood, GoodFlask
Universal use? → GoodGlass Thermo 450ml
Isolation? Hot drinks? → GoodGlass Thermo, GoodWood, GoodFlask
“Coffee to go”? → GoodGlass Thermo 350ml
Drinking from a glass? → GoodGlass Thermo, GoodGlass Simple
Which bottle to drink at school? → GoodWood, GoodFlask

And what do all our bottles have in common?

These beautiful designer water bottles are made from pure natural materials such as borosilicate glass, natural bamboo and stainless steel. They have a wide neck , which makes it possible to create beautiful and tasty infusions from any raw materials and ensures trouble-free cleaning. The removable stainless steel tea strainer keeps the ingredients inside while drinking, while also providing the perfect sip. You can be sure that not a drop will leak through the bamboo lid during transfer.

We hope that thanks to this article you will be able to choose the right personal bottle that will serve you well and make you happy every step of the way.

With love,
Terka, Johan & GoodWays team

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