Jak to všechno začalo

How it all began

"I feel most alive surrounded by pure nature or in the waves of the sea. However, everywhere I go today, I see plastic waste everywhere, from the most hidden beaches to the deep forests. It breaks my heart to see what we humans cause. That's why I decided to make it my personal mission in life to work for a sustainable planet. As part of this effort, GoodWays was created.” Johan, founder of GoodWays

In Asia, they believe that green tea should always be enjoyed only and only from a glass. Why? Because that's the only way we can see its beauty and fully enjoy its taste - and that's half the pleasure of drinking it. In addition , drinking from a glass is the cleanest way both for us and for our Earth . This idea really resonated with us and thus the initial plan was born.

Why GoodWays?

The main idea behind the creation of GoodWays is to contribute to reducing the world's dependence on plastic bottles and other disposable products. We believe that by offering people beautiful and practical reusable alternatives that they will love, it will enable them to live a life with less waste and spread this idea further in a non-violent way.

In order to achieve this, we needed a bottle that would suit all possible purposes. A bottle with a beautiful and simple design, clean materials and at the same time a great practical use , which we will want to take with us everywhere and always have our drink at hand. Something playful to spark creativity! We also wanted it to be suitable for all the drinks we love - tea, coffee, fruit and herbal infusions, sodas and anything else we can imagine.

And so GoodGlass was born!

We began a thorough search for the right manufacturer that would meet the criteria we had set for ourselves. We finally found a place in Zheijang Province, China, where our product is of the highest possible quality and care with a fair production method we can be proud of , with locally sourced raw materials.

After a long time of experimenting with different designs on our friends, family and colleagues , we found the best possible option and our first ecological GoodGlass Thermo bottle was born! Since then, we have continuously improved the design and quality so that GoodGlass meets all our requirements. The final product is so much more than we ever hoped for and we're excited to share it with you!

And how did it go?

A lot has happened since GoodGlass first saw the light of day in 2017. It's a constantly exciting journey that hasn't always been easy. It was also interspersed with difficult moments, during which we made many mistakes, but learned a lot from them. The positive feedback from all of you is what keeps us going and moving forward. Thanks to you, we know it's worth it! We work every day to constantly improve, fulfill our goals and offer you the best possible experience!

"Even if I knew the world would fall apart tomorrow, I'd still plant my apple tree."
Martin Luther

With love,
Terka, Johan & GoodWays team

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