Jak udržitelně dodržovat zdravý pitný režim?

How to sustainably follow a healthy drinking regime?

The correct drinking regimen is an inherent part of a healthy lifestyle .

At GoodWays, we try to constantly advance the way we take care of our health and nature, and therefore we would like to focus on the topic of water and its influence on our health and that of our planet. The question of a healthy drinking regime is not only about the quantity , but also about the quality , the way of preserving and flavoring the water . The good news is that by consciously choosing our drinking source, we can help not only our body, but also the world around us.

We have some practical tips for you on how to hydrate yourself sufficiently and with high quality while reducing your carbon footprint .

Why is proper drinking regime so important?

The human body is composed of at least 60% water . We only need a few hours without fluid intake and we already feel the consequences of dehydration. The first symptom is the well-known feeling of thirst, followed gradually by headache, malaise, fatigue, mood swings, irritation or impaired concentration. By the time the feeling of thirst manifests itself, it is usually too late for our body. The danger of today's fast-paced times is that we often forget about our daily drinking regime , after which we don't understand why we actually don't feel our best.

So how to drink more quality clean water without forgetting?

1. The most important thing is a regular drinking regime , so always set a daily goal .

2. Create reminders throughout your day, whether on paper, calendar or mobile. An alarm clock with the name "so finally drink water again" may not be harmful at all. You can also use mobile apps such as Daily Water Tracker Reminder or Hydro Coach.

3. Carry your own personal reusable bottle . Carrying your own bottle with you everywhere is the easiest way to ensure you stick to your drinking regimen and stay hydrated throughout the day. If you are looking for inspiration for the right bottle for you, try reading our article: HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL ZERO WASTE BOTTLE?

4. Try to limit sugary drinks as much as possible and prefer to drink pure water . You can flavor the water with fruit, vegetables or herbs.

5. Drink at least one glass of water before each meal .

6. Get a high-quality water filter that will help you bring the quality of the water to perfection. From our offer, you can try our GoodFilter - activated carbon for water , which is one of the most ecological natural water filters in the world.

7. GoodStraw metal straws can also be a pleasant addition to your healthy drinking regime , which you can always have with you thanks to our cotton bag.

8. And how much water to drink ? It is important not to overdo anything. Even with the number of liters of water drunk per day, the rule of "everything in moderation" applies.

Water storage matters

More and more emphasis is placed on how to store water . It turns out that plastic bottles are not the right choice , not only for the environment, but also for our health. Bisphenol (BPA and BPS) is released from plastics through heat, wear or UV radiation, which, according to research, subsequently has a very negative effect on our overall health, for example on the proper functioning of hormones. Just keep a plastic bottle in your car or purse for a few hours and this substance will start to release.

Using one plastic bottle over and over again, even for the reason of reducing your waste, has its own additional risk - the plastic wears out and thus harmful substances are excreted through small cracks, in which bacteria can accumulate and spread. We then accept them into our body and move away from a healthy drinking regime .

So what to drink water from?

Many of us struggle with a sweet tooth, and we often fight it off by drinking flavored juices. At the same time, there are many options for making water taste healthy . You can add fresh fruit, vegetables or even fresh herbs to it. Our GoodGlass Simple glass bottle offers a nice opportunity to be creative and turn your regular drinking regime into a piece of jewelry that will characterize you. For example, strawberries, blueberries, mint or chopped cucumber are a great option. For greater freshness, lemon, lime, orange slices or Camu superfood with a high content of vitamin C. It only depends on you and your taste, there are no limits to your imagination, try and experiment on your way to your ideal drinking regime !

And what does nature say about our drinking regime?

Did you know that according to statistics, every minute we throw away an incredible 1,000,000 plastic bottles, which then decompose in nature for at least 450 years? However, the positive thing is that each of us has the opportunity to influence this terribly high number and reduce the overall human ecological footprint .

Let's focus not only on compliance with the drinking regime , but also on sustainability. All you have to do is buy your beloved bottle, take care of it and take it with you everywhere, on trips or just to the city. It often happens that a person forgets about such a new habit at first, but over time, even your bottle will become part of your daily necessities.

Become an inspiration for sustainable change

You might think that one person has little impact on the overall system change. But we firmly believe that every step counts and each of us can be a good example for those around us . The moment you walk around the city with your own reusable bottle, you become an inspiration to others!

If not for nature, at least for yourself.

If not for yourself, at least for those you love.

With love,
Eliška for the GoodWays team

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