Furoshiki ekologické balení dárků

Furoshiki ecological gift wrapping

Do you want to wrap gifts for your loved ones in an original , elegant and above all sustainable way ?

Try something different this year with the clever Furoshiki technique that anyone can do! Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese technique of ecological gift wrapping , which is becoming more and more popular all over the world. He doesn't use paper or scotch tape, but a square piece of fabric in which the gift is wrapped like a knot. The gifts are so beautifully and ecologically packed . Furoshiki fabric is in itself an extra gift that doesn't have to end up in the bin! The recipient can further use it, for example, as a tablecloth for a picnic, a bag for snacks, a knot for essentials or pass it on and wrap a gift in it for someone else.  

How to wrap gifts with the Furoshiki method?

There are many ways to tie Furoshiki - from simple ties to more complex decorative knots. It's actually something like Origami , only not made of paper, but of fabric and with a practical overlap.

We will need a fabric of preferably square dimensions, the length of one side of which is roughly twice as long as the dimensions of the gift itself. When tying a gift, its size and shape are important . Otherwise we will tie a simple box, otherwise a bottle or small objects.

Below we have prepared for you some of the simplest procedures and tips for environmentally friendly wrapping of gifts in Furoshiki fabric . The first Ento Tsutsumi is perfect for packing long items like our tube bottles . The second Yotsu Musubi is considered the most basic Furoshiki tie and Otsaku Tsutsumi is its alternative. The amazing thing is that it's so simple and done in seconds! You can play with the knots, rearrange them in different ways and decorate them with, for example, a twig, dried oranges or cinnamon.

And how to wrap many small gifts in fabric so that we don't have to use an unnecessary extra box? I used the Yotsu Musubi method mentioned above. I was done in a few seconds and the result is beautiful and presentable. Well, tell yourself, would you be able to nicely wrap a similarly shapeless gift in wrapping paper?

How did the Furoshiki method come about?

Furo = bath , Shiki = ceremony

The Furoshiki method originated in Japan during the 17th century , when people wrapped their kimonos and personal items in scarves for public baths. These scarves bore the emblem of their family, so they were easily recognized and could be easily carried. Over time, Furoshiki began to be used to carry things on other occasions and to wrap gifts . Different types of decorative styles of ties were created, and emphasis began to be placed on the chosen material and its pattern.

In the middle of the 20th century, Furoshiki was temporarily displaced by plastic bags, but its strong tradition endured and now its fame is returning in connection with the ecological trend . Currently, the Furoshiki method of ecological gift wrapping in Japan is a beautiful and practical custom that combines practicality and aesthetic experience . It is considered impolite to give someone a gift in Japan without a properly wrapped gift.

The most important thing is the opportunity to be together at Christmas, and the fact that we can please our loved ones with something extra is the icing on the cake. We believe that lovingly selected and originally wrapped gifts will put a smile on the face of your loved ones. :)

We wish you a beautiful and sustainable Christmas!

With love,
Terka, Johan & GoodWays team
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