Další vzrušující rok!

Another exciting year!

We have a new year here, which is a good opportunity to look back at the past year 2019, to recap what happened, what was successful and what we learned, and at the same time to see what awaits us in the upcoming year 2020.

What changes have happened to us?

At the beginning of 2019, we started a new Blog to share with you not only news and interesting information related to GoodGlass, but also various recipes and tips related to a healthy lifestyle. What do you say about him? We would love to hear from you about which topics you would like to hear more about. :)

In the second half of the year, we took a big step and started traveling with a stand to various festivals and markets throughout the Czech Republic, from Pilsen to Ostrava. This allowed us to contact you directly. In addition to a burst of new energy, we also received valuable feedback and great opportunities from you, for which we are incredibly grateful!

News of 2019

We have expanded the offer of ecological products for you on our e-shop. First came the GoodStraw reusable bamboo and metal straws , which are made from natural bamboo and are therefore fully biodegradable. Right after that, we introduced GoodFilter activated carbon for water purification , which serves as a natural filter for tap water. We are happy about your huge interest, which shows us that it was a good choice! We promise that more will be available in the new year so that you can continue to enjoy the taste of clean water. :)

Finally, we introduced the long-awaited new member of the GoodGlass family - the single-walled glass bottle GoodGlass Simple . Many of you have been asking us for a water bottle with more volume and less weight to help you maintain a healthy drinking regime throughout the day. We believe that GoodGlass Simple meets your expectations!

And what awaits us in 2020?

It's been more than two years since GoodGlass was founded. Every year brings us new and new challenges and lessons . We learn from our mistakes and work every day to constantly improve and meet our goals. And what goals are we setting for the new year 2020?

We still want to continue participating in various festivals and other events and have the opportunity to meet you in person. We are planning, for example, the Prague Planet Fest and the Evolution festival in March or the Intelligent Movement Congress in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in April. Do you know of any other events where you would like to meet us? Write us! :)

We are definitely planning a few new products that will replace other disposable plastic products and this year we would like to get involved in the organization of several different projects in line with our philosophy. We are already working on some of them and we are looking forward to your feedback!

In addition to new products and projects, we have one more big news for you that will accompany our Journey in 2020. You will also hear about it soon! :)

"What the new year brings you depends above all on what you bring to it."
Vern McLellan

With love,
Terka, Johan & GoodWays team

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