• Gift voucher

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    Make someone happy with a GoodWays voucher valid in our shop. It can be hard to choose a gift for someone else, so why not…
  • 350ml-&-450ml-GoodGlass-Thermo

    GoodGlass Thermo

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    GoodGlass Thermo is a drink infuser designed for a modern lifestyle. It’s made of carefully selected, environmentally friendly, materials. Clear glass, natural bamboo & stainless…
  • GoodGlass sleeve

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    GoodGlass protective sleeves are handmade by Vigvam design in Czechia of natural materials - felt, washable paper, and a flax strap. It is very comfortable…
  • GoodWood

    GoodWood is a practical, yet beautiful modern thermo bottle. It has a very light body made of sustainable natural bamboo, beneath which is a double…
  • GoodFilter actived charcoal

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    GoodFilter is one of the most environmentally friendly water filters in the world. It is a special activated carbon, also known as Kishu Binchotan, sustainably…
  • Breathe&Immune herbal tea

    There is nothing better in a cold weather than a delicious herbal tea with honey to warm you up!⁠ Breathe & Immune herbal tea is…
  • Herbs&Blossoms herbal tea

    Delight your senses with herbal tea with a mixture of colorful blossoms! Our Herbs & Blossoms tea is a mix of carefully selected herbs and…
  • ColdBrew iced tea

    Make delicious home-made iced tea! Our Cold Brew tea is a mix of carefully selected ingredients made in the sunny region of South Moravia. It…
  • Golden-Milk spice mix

    Golden Milk is a traditional Ayurvedic drink, which has been used in India for its beneficial effects for centuries. Not only is it delicious but…
  • GoodStraw bamboo straws

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    These high-quality straws are made of 100% natural, untreated bamboo, which is fully biodegradable. You can easily clean them with a coconut fiber & stainless…
  • GoodWays bamboo cutlery

    Bring your personal reusable cutlery everywhere you go and say NO to single-use cutlery once for all! GoodWays bamboo cutlery is made of 100% high-quality…