• GoodFlask tea sieve

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    Want to make tea directly in your new GoodFlask? Here's the solution. How to use: 1. Add tea inside the sieve and fill bottle with…
  • GoodFlask Thermo

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    Are you looking for a light, durable, large volume bottle that is perfect to take with you on all your adventures? We created GoodFlask just…
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    GoodGlass Simple basic set

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    This special discounted set will help you to stay hydrated throughout the whole day whether you are at home, in the office, or on the…
  • GoodStraw metal straws

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    No need to accept another disposable straw again, now you will have your own! These high-quality straws are made of 100% stainless steel. The set…
  • GoodGlass sleeve

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    Once you try this stylish and practical cover for your GoodGlass, you won’t take a step without it! We created these beloved hand-made sleeves from…
  • GoodGlass Simple

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    GoodGlass Simple is a light & durable bottle with a large volume. Created for those who want a low weight yet large volume bottle to…
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    GoodGlass Thermo

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    GoodGlass Thermo is a drink infuser designed for a modern lifestyle. It’s made of carefully selected, environmentally friendly, materials. Clear glass, natural bamboo & stainless…
  • GoodWood 500ml

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    GoodWood Thermo 500ml is a practical, yet beautiful modern thermo bottle. It has a very light body made of sustainable natural bamboo, beneath which is…
  • GoodFilter activated charcoal

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    GoodFilter is one of the most environmentally friendly water filters in the world. It is a special activated carbon, also known as Kishu Binchotan, sustainably…