Our Story

Our story


I never feel as alive as when I’m in nature and at sea, but it feels like wherever I go today I see plastic waste all around, from the most hidden beaches to the deep forests. It breaks my heart to see what we people are causing. So I decided to create a personal initiative and make it my mission in life to work for a sustainable planet. As a part of that came GoodWays. Johan, founder of GoodWays

The GoodWays company was established as an attempt from us to do what we can to lower the world’s addiction to plastic bottles and other single-use products. We believe that if we offer high quality, reusable alternatives people will love, it will make it easier to live a life with less waste & lead to people passing this idea forward in a natural way.

And so GoodWays was born

After experimenting with various designs on our friends, family, and colleagues we finally found the perfect experience, and GoodGlass was born! Since then, we have continually improved design and quality to ensure that our bottles meet all our requirements.

The final product is so much more than we have ever hoped for and we are so happy to be able to share it with you! GoodGlass is a bottle that fits every purpose and always is the answer to Which bottle should I choose? A bottle with simple, beautiful design, made of pure materials and great practical use.

In Asia, they believe that green tea should always be enjoyed out of glass. Why? Because then you are able to see its beauty and fully enjoy its taste, and that’s half the pleasure of drinking it. What more, drinking out of glass is the purest way both for us and for our planet.

How did it continue?

Since GoodGlass first saw the light of the world in 2017, many things have happened, we’ve introduced several new products to help people be healthier and more sustainable in their daily lives. It has been a very exciting journey so far, it has not always been easy, there have been hard times & it has taught us a lot! The positive feedback & support from you is what keeps us going and makes it worth it! Every day we get a little bit better and better at fulfilling our goals and offer you the best possible experience!
You can read more about or journey here.
& if you would like help to decide which bottle is right for you, check out this guide we made called “how to choose your personal bottle“.


Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

Martin Luther


With love,

Johan, Tereza & team GoodWays



Founder & Manager

A frequent traveler and entrepreneur with a strong passion for sustainability and reusability. Johan founded GoodGlass as part of his mission to contribute to a viable planet.



Right hand & heart of the team

 Tereza is our main warrior for a healthy planet. Her mission is to continually lower not only her own environmental impact but above all to inspire others and spread this thought further with GoodGlass.

Czech Republic